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Even my PJs have anchors on

Anonymous said: Colin and jmo "ship" CS because CS is their entire job now. That's it. They have to talk about how great and romantic and sparkly their epic love is because it's literally the only thing happening with their characters right now. I'm laughing at the CSers who genuinely think Colin and jmo think CS is such a wonderful and touching love story like they do. It pays their bills, you idiots. It pays for Evan's diapers and it pays for Jens plane tickets to LA every weekend. They have to like it.

Absolutely. Actors can’t exactly slate a piece of work they are currently involved in…part of their contract involves selling the show in R stunts and interviews.



With or Without Sugar ?

Now I want to make tiny sugar skulls for tea!

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow:)

Why’s the rum gone?

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Nathan to Joss Whedon ‘Just in my expirence usually, if you have couple of weeks off. You make a movie………..with me’.

He is such a nerd.

Even if you don’t like Joss Whedon’s shows, you have to love him for this, and for his female characters.